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Plus-size model exposes feeling’ angry’ about photos showing her cellulite have attained her determined to stop ensure … – The Sun

Ah, the very best’ ol days. Before people lost their cool over the iPhone 8( which has practically been forgotten, thanks to the iPhone X ), there was a simpler form of technology. iTunes, FaceTime, apps, and WiFi were once unheard of — all anyone needed for a little bit of entertainment was a game of on their favorite portable Nintendo console. Thanks to a Reddit post, we get to witness an adorable little girl trying to figure out the Game Boy Color, and it’s too pure for words.

RTAG 5 TTThe Game Boy Color was discontinued in 2003 RTAG 6 TTNostalgia is certainly powerful, and if there’s one thing that takes us back to the early days, it’s reminiscing about our favorite contraptions. But this feeling represents so much more than games. According to a report from Alan R. Hirsch titled, โ€œNostalgia: A Neuropsychiatric Understanding ,

IMG 1 TTRTAG 8 TTSPTAG 1 TT will be a thing of the past … but for 2017, it’s totally in. For those with an iPhone 6S or older, they can enjoy living in this new take on the real world. For those who aren’t quite sure what that entails, Apple explained ๐Ÿ˜› TAGEND

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Medical News Today: Itchy nipples: Causes, symptoms, and treatments

In this article, learn about the main causes of itchy nipple. Can itchy nipple be a sign of something serious and when should a doctor be consulted?

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