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Medical News Today: Can humans have mange?

Microscopic mites can cause sarcoptic mange in animals. Humans get a different form of mange, called scabies. Symptoms include a rash, often around skin folds, intense itching, and burrow marks. Treatment for scabies includes using scabicide topical creams. Mites cannot live away from human skin for more than 3 days.

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#ZAlebsBeauty – What alcohol does to your skin – Zalebs

Food security is one of the grand problems facing the planet this century. The UN has estimated that food supplies need to increase by 50 percent to covering the population growth expected over the coming decades, while climate change is expected to cut crop yields by a one-quarter. Nearly a billion people today absence sufficient food.

RTAG 4 TTTogether, the two co-founded Wild Type RTAG 5 TTKolbeck and Elfenbein’s mission is to develop a platform and situate to new technologies that would allow any meat to be cultured in the lab use well-defined procedures. The two are stealthy around their technology, which is still in development. But the essential notion is to multiply basic animal cells in the lab and effectively culture meat. This means that the meat is basically “meat, ” and not a meat substitute using plant cells like Impossible Foods’ Impossible Burger

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