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Medical News Today: Brain cell identified as 'mediator of disease'

The findings could help us devise new treatments for a range of diseases that affect the central nervous system, such as multiple sclerosis.

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How does Trinny Woodall rid of cellulite? By paying PS1600 to be pinched for 50 minutes! – Daily Mail

Learn-to-code startup Kano, whose products aim to turn children into digital makers, has taken the wraps off the latest incarnation of its build-it-yourself computer kit.

RTAG 4 TTThe kit, which Kano says is generally( but not exclusively) aimed at the 6-13 age range, is on sale from today, priced at $279.99 — via its internet site( .me RTAG 5 TTThe Raspberry Pi powered computer is also getting increased storage capability in this upgrade — of 16 GB. But the main refresh is around updating Kano OS, Kano’s kid-friendly Pi topper, with expanded is supportive of touch controls, according to founder Alex Klein RTAG 6 TTLast year Kano combined touch and keyboard based interaction into a single product, the Computer Kit Complete
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Medical News Today: What to know about Ally's Law

Ally’s Law, or the Restroom Access Act, allows people with certain medical conditions to access a restroom if they have an urgent need to use one. These conditions include types of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), such as Crohn’s disease. Learn more about the history of Ally’s Law, where it applies, and how to use it.

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