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How to Reduce the Appearance of Cellulite: 5 Tips-off to Hide Those Butt Dimples – – VENTS Magazine

November 25, 2019


In late January of this year, as frost covered the streets of Kansas, an officer at the Lawrence Police Department called a woman whose rape report he was investigating. He told her he’d received an anonymous tip-off, but couldn’t understand it. He needed her help to decode it. Thrilled, the woman rushed into the station house before her afternoon class at the University of Kansas Law School. She later said the call made her feel” like I was being believed, for the first time .”

DTAG 5 TT DTAG 6 TTDTAG 7 TT” I think it’s every victim’s worst nightmare .”

DTAG 8 TT– Emma, charged with falsely reporting a rape

DTAG 11 TT DTAG 12 TTDTAG 13 TT” I knew what the truth was. I knew it was a hundred percent consensual .”

DTAG 14 TT– John, accused of rape by Emma

RTAG 17 TTAmong many experts, it is accepted that prosecuting a false rape assert can dissuade other victims from coming forward. The Marshall Project

RTAG 20 TTThe Lawrence Police Department did not respond to a detailed list of questions sent by The Daily Beast. The department previously told The Kansas City Star that some of its officers and detectives are specifically trained in responding to sex crimes, working in close concert with the Lawrence Sexual Trauma& Abuse Care Center. According to the Star RTAG 23 TTIn the months that followed, as they were building a occurrence against Emma for false reporting, the officers testified that they did not interview any of the witness she provided that first day outside the hospital. They did not look at her bar tab from the evening in question, as the Kansas City Star DTAG 17 TT DTAG 18 TTDTAG 19 TT” These detectives only looked for pieces of evidence that supported the theory that I was lying .”

DTAG 20 TT– Emma

RTAG 31 TTThree other Lawrence females reported a frequent KU guest lecturer to police this year, accusing him of sexual assault or abuse. ATAG 5 TTAccording to the Star DTAG 23 TT DTAG 24 TTDTAG 25 TT” Based upon the reports submitted to our office it seemed international crimes had resulted .”

DTAG 26 TT– Douglas County district attorney &# x27; s office

How to Reduce the Appearance of Cellulite: 5 Tips to Hide Those Butt Dimples – VENTS Magazine

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